Not just any CRM tool: Flowtrack.Co is every Business’ new best friend! An Honest Review

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They say cash flow is king, and as a startup business, that is what we lived by.   As a digital marketing agency, there is no shortage of software to purchase or subscribe to streamline the workflow and processes.  We thought this was just the nature of the business, but the costs can be staggering and not cost feasible for any business just starting out.   Also, from an efficiency standpoint the more software used, the more likely for errors.  So when Flowtrack was presented to us, we were very intrigued on the possibilities it could transform the way we work.

Every business is only as successful as the tools that they use. There is no shortage of CRM systems for businesses out there aiming to be the next Hubspot, but what if you can have the functionality of applications like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Godaddy, and more for a fraction of the price, and all in one place? Flowtrack is a new player in the world of CRM for businesses, but it has clearly made its mark with its innovative yet user-friendly interface that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Flowtrack is a multi-service platform that integrates a variety of tools into a single SaaS interface.

Some of Flowtrack’s features include a CRM system, Website & Landing Page builder, Funnels, Custom Forms, Sales Automations, Sales Pipelines, E-mail Marketing and more!

Flowtrack’s features are not lackluster either, and they shine because of the simplicity and intuitiveness of each feature. Encouraging automation and simplification of business processes, Flowtrack provides amazing value for money. We initially found Flowtrack through an Ad, and we were ultimately intrigued by how many features it offered. With SaaS applications that pack a multitude of features, it is quite easy for these to become clunky and cluttered. Flowtrack, however, boasts its clean UI, and its excellent responsiveness.

Flowtrack, in its most basic form, comes with:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. SMS Marketing
  3. Funnels & Landing Pages
  4. Website Builder
  5. Call Tracking + IVR’s
  6. Click-to-Call Phone
  7. Surveys & Forms
  8. Calendar Booking
  9. Sales Pipelines
  10. Payments & Invoicing
  11. Chat & Website Widget
  12. Business Automation
  13. Memberships Sites
  14. Lead Management CRM

Starting at $39/month, Flowtrack offers all of its 14 services, integrated into a single interface, allowing businesses to store at least 5,000 contacts into its CRM, simplifying the process of lead management and outbound marketing. Flowtrack’s pricing is beyond great value, aiming further than to simply be competitive. Flowtrack, it seems, aims to be revolutionary.

Success Flows with Flowtrack:

The feature we have been utilizing most has been the Flows feature of Flowtrack. E-mail Marketing Campaigns are made simple through the use of Flows, a flowchart-type feature that allows you to map out your funnels and e-mail campaigns. The Flows are great for creating a visual representation of your customer’s journey, allowing you as well to track customer reception and behavior, which can be useful for strategizing and targeting. This is quite similar to automated email marketing software, Mailchimp’s, Customer Journey feature, yet packed with more options and features to customize the Email Marketing journey. The data organized into the CRM can also be used for SMS marketing, which can also be integrated into an existing flow. The ability to create a hybrid Email/SMS campaign is extremely convenient, but one of our favorite gems is a simple little feature hidden within the Flows: the ability to add contacts to a new flow after they have gone through the existing flow. This can save so much time when creating customer journeys, and makes your Email Marketing strategy easier to execute.

Flowtrack’s Flows are not just limited to e-mails though. Phone calls routed through Flowtrack can also utilize Flows, taking the place of an automated answering system. Just as SMS and Emails can be mixed and matched into a hybrid customer journey, phone calls from customers can also trigger activities. For example, if a potential customer calls your office phone, a follow-up text message can be sent to their phone after a certain amount of time. This can be a simple message acknowledging the call, or a special invitation for an upcoming promotion. The combinations and possibilities are simply limitless.

Simple, Stunning Websites

If you have no experience on building websites, and you have always wondered how to make a website without the stress of having to learn custom coding, the Flowtrack Website builder is perfect for you. Although the functionality of the website builder will be slightly more limited, you can easily create a simple website or landing page for your business. Flowtrack makes designing a website easy through premade templates that you can customize to your business’ branding.

A website builder like that of Flowtrack’s may not be for experienced coders out there. This does not have the flexibility of sites like WordPress. However, those of you who have no experience with website design can definitely take advantage of this feature. A website designed within Flowtrack can also be linked and integrated with existing Forms and Flows within Flowtrack.

Classic, yet Trailblazing

Flowtrack may be a newbie in the industry, but the software itself is teeming with potential, providing close to everything that every business needs. The whopping 14 services in 1 intuitive software eliminates the need for costly multiple subscriptions. Having everything in one place also ensures that your systems are organized and your processes are better streamlined. Truth be told, we have seen all of these features before, with combinations of these services being offered for much higher prices elsewhere. The surprisingly smooth integration of all the 14 services makes Flowtrack a trailblazer in its own right. Flowtrack boasts not only the quantity of its functions, but the excellent quality of services that you can get for much, much less.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a growing medium-sized business, or a larger organization, Flowtrack simplifies your processes for you so you can focus on your success. To learn more about Flowtrack and its feature-packed software, visit FlowTrack.Co today!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we have received a complimentary upgrade in exchange for this review. This, however, has no bearing on our review, and we have provided a fair and balanced insight for this product.