First time here? We’ve got you covered!

Here at Inumin Media, we value your experience, so we have put together a set of common questions that we are asked in order to give you a better insight into our processes and work.

We want to make this simple for you. These questions are designed to help you learn more about Inumin Media: the services we offer, how much things cost, and what you can expect from working with us.

What services does Inumin Media Offer?

Inumin Media is a multi-service digital marketing agency that focuses on Social Media Marketing, Google and Facebook Ads, as well as Website Design and Development.

Can't I just do those things myself?

With all the available technology out there, it is definitely possible to do it all on your own! However, digital marketing is not the only thing in your business that needs your attention.

By working with Inumin Media, you not only save money by not having to buy expensive tools, but you save a lot of time as our experts do the strategizing, creating and implementing of your marketing needs, and you can focus on operating your business!

Why should I choose a small agency like Inumin Media?

Inumin Media prides itself in having a small, but powerful team. We like to keep our team hands-on with all our clients, and this allows us to truly understand our clients’ needs better. We can provide a more personalized, optimized approach to marketing strategies because we are actually able to speak with you and get to know you! 

How long do I have to commit to Inumin Media's services?

We want to build a lasting relationship with you, but before that, we ask you to commit to a 3-month minimum term, which we can then discuss for renewal based on your project and objectives. This gives us enough time to acquire data, study it and implement a strategy that will start to generate the results you want.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

We compute your monthly bill based on the services and fees that we would have already agreed upon during our kickoff meeting. There are no hidden fees for services that have already been agreed upon.

However, should you decide to add services that were not covered by our original agreement, there will be extra fees on top of your usual monthly bill.


How am I sure that Inumin Media will know what my business needs?

We at Inumin Media ensure that we have a good understanding of your business, your industry, and your market. This means that our team dedicates a great amount of time getting to know you and your business in order for us to conceptualize the most effective digital marketing strategy possible.

From our first meeting, we will make sure that we have a good understanding of your business, and we will seek information about your business, which we will then supplement with research and strategy. 

When will you send the deliverables?

Our kickoff meeting will outline the deadlines for our milestones. We will also keep in constant communication with you regarding any adjustments, revisions, or additions in deliverables. 

Who will be working on my project/account?

You will be assigned a dedicated account/project manager who will act as your point person. Account managers are assigned are matched with your project depending on their expertise. This ensures that your account/project is being handled by someone who has adequate knowledge and experience of your unique, specific needs. 

How much does it cost to work with Inumin Media?

We want to make sure that you are getting the best value for your needs. Each business has a different set of needs, so we really take the time to sit down with you (physically or virtually), to get to know your business better!

We won’t try to sell you the most expensive package if that isn’t what you need! Your monthly rate depends on your business’ unique, specific needs.