Creativity unlocks greatness,

and our team members at Inumin Media are the perfect combination of both!

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We aim to empower your brand through practical, efficient, and personalized digital marketing strategies that embrace your brand’s unique voice, allowing you to target the right audience and focus on your business while we drive your success in the online sphere.


Our awesome Creative experts are the heart and soul of our operations,

with our amazing synergy that keeps us thinking outside the box, and beyond

in order to deliver results that stand out. We’re all quite eccentric,

almost a little too crazy creative, but we definitely have

what it takes to stand out and make your business stand out.

Gerald Pagdato

Digital Marketing Strategist

As the cool bean strategist of the team, Gerald is always keeping tabs on economic trends, various advertising methods, and population groups. He loves compiling data, discovering potential gaps and market opportunities for the future development of ongoing strategies.

Mia Llamas-Bringas

Creative Director

Working closely with all the creatives of the tight-knit team, Mia is the glue that brings all the creative processes together, fostering, harnessing, overseeing and ensuring quality, efficient and expert creative outputs for all projects, all while still looking absolutely fabulous! Creative Director by Day, Supermodel by Night…at home.

Miles Fajardo

Digital Content Specialist

When Miles is not busy being the coolest licensed Doctor, the world’s most okay drummer, or a resident Tiktoker, she is a rockstar results-driven content creator, constantly sharing and expanding her passion and talent for anything creative and awesome to any projects she dives into. 

Miguel Paolo Valencia

Digital Content Specialist

As the undisputed master of puns, Guel likes to keep things fresh and pun-ny, similar to the accounts that he handles. Whenever he’s not busy managing our accounts or cooking up bad jokes, he likes to cook it up in the kitchen while blasting K-dot and J. Cole on the speakers!

Gregg Pagdato

Digital Ads Specialist

A man of progress, and always doing more to be better, Gregg is a man of action. Aiming to be stronger in every aspect of his life, Gregg strives to help drive growth for clients through Google or Facebook ads, whether it’s for search, e-commerce or social media.

Kevin Lebadesos

Technical Specialist

The magician of the lot, turning concepts into code, and turning strings of code into beautiful, responsive websites with so much life, as he casually flails his nunchucks like a pro after a successful project! Whether you want a cool, edgy website, or a clean, simple modern page that embodies your brand, Kevin is your go-to guy!

Austin Lutz

Video Production Specialist

Austin is a wizard. Simple as that. He can turn whatever our eyes see into stunning, professional videos that can captivate your target audience in a glance. Austin turns the mundane into something magical and awesome through his video production expertise!


Senior Remote Operations Meownager

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. Kira is not Santa Claus, but he is the Meownager. Kira makes sure that the remote teams are always working efficiently, and giving him his much deserved chin rubs. 


Executive Doggo



We are Committed to:

● Innovating strategies that drive small to medium-sized businesses forward through the power of digital marketing
● Creating sustainable and meaningful campaigns tailor fit for your brand’s audience
● Pursuing relationships based on honesty, trust, and integrity with our business partners, clients, and team members.

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